Tuesday, August 28, 2007

More progressing in the Chaos

Finished off going through work boxes today. Oooh, and felt a 3.0 quake around 4ish. Centered in Berkeley, which is about 18 miles away, so it was just a wee jolt here. Spencer however, was 3 miles from the epicenter and got a good shaking at his friend's house.

Anyway, back to the progress making. All 4 work boxes emptied out. Lots of old paperwork, stuff, and CDs filling up the recycle bins and trash. All that is left fits in the 4 drawer rolling cart thing and the printer stand with room to spare even. Tonight, I'm go out to dinner and shopping with Antonella and I'll pick up some expandable file things. The files I have left will fit in there. I've got about a 13 inch stack of paper to be organized into them, but I'm sure I can get rid of a few more unnecessary papers if I really want to... I have lots of cords, and cables and all sorts of other junk associated with having computers around and that will go in a bin in the closet. I won't need it that often. Then it's on to my personal crap.

Finishing up the work crap has been very encouraging. I think I've got the momentum to attack the personal stuff now. Wish it was that easy to go through my personal papers and crap. Not so much personal attachment to work crap, but it felt good to clear it out, so I'm ready to dive in to the personal stuff now.

Once I get the dining area a bit more cleared out, I'll post pictures of my new organized home office. It's so cute...

And now for some knitting content:
Still don't have all the yarn for the Honey Scarf. Almost had the blue in transit, but it was the wrong yarn, so oops! now it's not. Argh. Donna needs some knitting around here! And no, we won't mention the large amount of stash yarn that could be knitted on while waiting for the Honey yarn to show up. I'm too obsessed with wanting to start the Honey scarf to notice it all.

Well, back to sorting crap...Honey is coming in 19 days!!!!

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