Thursday, August 30, 2007

Not-so-quick quick update

OK, still making progress in the Chaos. Still just with work crap tho, but it's still progress.

It was Scorchio! here yesterday...the link is a video...the weather report is at the end.


Anyhoos...after much wading through crazed parents and kids last minute school supply shopping - at 3 different stores no less - Antonella and I finally found some expandable file folders for me. I've been slowly but surely organizing my remaining files into it.

Didn't move too fast yesterday because of the heat. I can usually leave the a/c off all day and just have my fan running on days like these. Helps with the whole conserve power thing. Today is gonna be another Scorchio! kind of day, so it's the fan on again during the day and the a/c at night. And before you go off on how much the a/c will run and just moot the whole conserve energy thing by trying to catch up and all - actually, no it doesn't. My apartment is comfortable during the day, so the a/c doesn't have to do any catching up at all. I turn it on, and sometimes it's runs for a bit right away, sometimes it doesn't. And yes, I consider myself VERY lucky that my apartment stays comfy all day when it's 102F outside. VERY VERY lucky...

Now where was I...oh yes, Antonella and I shopping...organizing my work files...OOOOOH...time to brag about my back-to-school bargains for Spencer.

First store we hit after dinner was Kohl's. Have I ever mentioned how much I absolutely love and adore this store? Well, I do! Especially when I find Spencer size clothing on the clearance rack that is still in season for school. I.E. cargo shorts and t-shirts. Tuesday night, I found a pair of shorts for $3.40 and another pair for $6.00. And 2 t-shirts on sale for $9.99. Tuesday's total? $33 and change.

Fast forward to last night, Spencer and I go to the Kohl's close by (Antonella and I went to one further away 'cause that's where we ended up for dinner) because he just loves the shorts and wants to check out the t-shirts. So we head over and what do you know...we get 3 more pairs of $6 shorts, and another t-shirt for $33 and change again. Spencer still needed shoes and Kohl's doesn't carry what he likes at a good price (even on sale), so we headed out.... Ross Dress for Less. We found a pair of "really cool shoes" for $30 and a new set of earphones for his iPod. $40 and change spent here.

$111 later (I got another t-shirt at WalMart for $5), Spencer has a new wardrobe for school. Booyah! No way could I have ever afforded to buy him 5 pairs of cargo shorts and 4 t-shirts at regular prices. He's in men's sizes now friggin' way I could have afforded regular prices...each pair of those shorts were normally $35!!! Add this new stuff to the 8 or so t-shirts he still hasn't ruined from last year and he's all set. And I for one, am relieved.

Until of course the weather turns a bit and he'll need jeans. But there's no way I'm going to go and buy him jeans now...he's in the middle of a growth spurt. That would just be ca-razy!!

Knitting content: What, are you friggin' kidding me? Knitting when it's 102F out?!? No freakin' way dude...besides, still don't have the rest of the Honey Scarf yarn anyways....

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  1. shopping when it's hot out is the best... except that part between the store and the car!

    I do indeed hope you are able to expense your home office supplies!