Sunday, August 26, 2007

Time for a break

So...I'm sitting here this morning on the laptop, making plans with friends for Honey's visit, scheduling out Spencer time with the ex while Honey is here, and the whole time looking about at the Chaos.

How depressing.

Then I get to thinking, I haven't really been out this week, or have I? Well, yes I have, but I'm really feeling like I haven't. That's because all the time I've spent out this week was either for work, or for Spencer...not for me.

I'm thinking I need a break from the apartment, from the total Chaos that is my living/dining/kitchen area. Yeah, that's it. I need to go wander around a bit. Get some fresh air, see if I can find some bed tables, get some stuff so I can store my work crap.

I need to get all this work crap sorted out, and then start in on the regular crap. I can't seem to get started right now, so a bit of time away from it is in order. Clear my head, come back and dive right in...yada yada yada.

I got the bright idea yesterday as I was bringing more work crap home(I'm finally done with that - got word that most of whatever is left is being trashed, so I went back and got some stuff), that maybe I should get a small storage unit. Put all my Holiday decorations, my big cooler, my power tools, my fabric, and some of Spencer's stuff that he can't bear to part with yet into it. Sounded like a plan. Until I started researching online and found out just how much it's going to cost me. Plan aborted.

Now I'm back to having to go through it all and be completely brutal about what can stay and what has to go.

And that is probably why I feel the need to get out. I'm not quite ready to be that way today. I need a little bit of time to build myself up to it. Just a few hours away from it all should be enough. Just a few hours away from it all to buy a few things I'll need later before I start my brutal sort.

Yeah, that's it.

Don't know how this'll go...I'm having to give away lots of my stuff. Some of it I've had for so long, I don't know how I'll take it. And that my friends is why I haven't done it before.

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