Saturday, August 25, 2007

The weekend is here...

I know, I know, such a clever title. Makes you all want to read further, right? Right.

WFH this week has worn me out. Work all day on a problem for two days and it's still not resolved. Gargh. Makes one want to bang their head on a wall. Worst part of it is, I don't get to wind down from work on the commute home. I just get to walk over to the couch and stew in my frustration until it wears off, or head into the kitchen and eat until it does. SUCKS!

At least on days when I have Spencer, I'll get to go pick him up from the train station. That'll get me out of the apartment and thinking of something else when the work day ends. In the meantime, I suppose I could go thru crap for an hour, or knit for an hour, read for an hour, sew for an hour, nap for an hour, or go scrub something for an hour.

Instead, I've grabbed food, headed for the couch and stewed in my frustration while I ate. Lovely. Good thing I'm not buying crap food. that I've got the Honey Scarf project almost underway, I should really sit down and work on that after I sign off. And yes, signing off on time is still hard, but I'm getting closer and closer to 5pm every day. I think Friday I got it to 6:15pm.

WFH is not a glamorous or easy thing for me. It all sounds wonderful to anyone who hasn't done it before, doesn't it? It has it's good points and it's bad points, but to someone who is unorganized and undisciplined like me, it's rough going for a while until you get things under control. I'm about half way there.

Speaking of is filled with a trip to SF, then a return to work thru some crap. I've got to get rid of as much as possible before my Honey comes! With the addition of the boxes and bags from work, you can hardly move around in here. The closets must be cleared out so our permanent storage crap can go back in...sigh. I've got a lot to do in 3 weeks.

3 weeks!!!! Honey is coming in 3 weeks!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYY!!!! But I'm still not counting...

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