Sunday, August 12, 2007

Working from Home is tough...

Once I get used to it though, I'm sure it'll get better.

Friday was my first full day, and I've already blown thru my 3 most important "Rules":

Not going to eat all day....first one to least it wasn't junk food.

Going to step away from the computer for one to die...never left the damn thing from 8am to 7pm - except to get food and visit the bathroom.

Going to stick to strict hours and not work more than 8 hours unless absolutely needed...see the statement above - and no, it wasn't needed.

I've got to get myself into a routine and the quicker I can do that, the better.

Tomorrow will be spent trying to get all my connections up and running and making sure I've got all my access. Work is piling up quickly...I need to be able to get it done...

For a break, Ms. Puffy and I are going to head out for a few errands at lunch. Please oh please oh please don't let it get up to 100 million degrees tomorrow! Please?!?

And please oh please oh please!!!! Give me the ability to get my ass out of the chair and onto the bike in the first place. I'd appreciate it...

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  1. I have a student that has somehow set up her own computer with basically parental controls, so that a certain time, the thing just cuts you off.

    Like a conscientious crack dealer :-D

    My verification word is dudeo. Haha. As in, "Hey, dudeo...come visit my new digs." XO