Friday, November 02, 2007

Courthouse Knitting Update

OK, so I've decided to not try and think of something 'clever' to use as knitting needles when I maybe go next week. It hurt too much. Instead, I'm going to take actual needles. This past week, Antonella and I headed out to In N Out for some yummy burgers and then went on down the highway to Wal~Mart.

While at WM, I found a 16" size 8 bamboo circular needle. It cost me $2.44. This lovely, possibly disposable needle will accompany me to the courthouse. Along with some stitch holders. Just in case "they" decide that these wee, little needles are the most dangerous things ever and they get confiscated. I'll be upset, but not as upset as if they were some of my vintage needles, or the ones my Mom bought me in Alaska, or some of my other precious needles (that were my grandma's).

Only time will tell. I get to phone the courthouse the night my son is testing for his next stripe in Karate to see if I have to go in...I'd better hear "Group 8 does not need to report. All members of Group 8 have been excused." Otherwise, I will be one cranky Mother.

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  1. Going against the system.. I love it!

    When I had Jury Duty earlier this year, I was standing in line with about 8 'older' ladies, and I mentioned how bummed I was that I couldn't bring knitting needles. They all echoed my feelings and we went on to complain about the system and ideas on how to get around their rules.

    I found it amusing to hear this lot of grandmothers plotting how to take down the system, and I was standing in the middle encouraging them.