Friday, November 30, 2007

PIF is happening...and an FO!

Wow, I have two people signed up so friend Cherry...and someone I don't know - Suz - from all the way over in Scotland!

How exciting! I'm already thinking of stuff to make...I'll be reading Suz's blog to find out more about her and will be asking both a few questions to help me make them something not only crafty, but that they will enjoy. Once the gift knitting is done, and the Holidaze are over, I'm going to get going on this. Whee!

Now need only one more person! Hello - knock's on screen - anybody else out there wanna play?

And now for bed...just getting over the head cold and I've been blind-sided by some sort of stomach bug. Gah!!!! Didn't make it to the treadmill today...headed to bed for a short nap instead and then went back to work.

This weekend will most likely be filled with many hours in bed being taken care of by my 13 yr old. About time, don't you think?!?

Ooooh...FO ALERT! The cable project is done...needs the ends woven in and a good blocking. Still waiting on the rest of the yarn for Spencer's hat. In the meantime, I have started the Honey's Dalek. I'm making it out of the leftover yarn from his Leeds United scarf. Going good so far as I've been managing to keep count despite my current state. Also going to start on a few other gifts 'cause I like to have a few projects in varying degrees of difficulty on the needles to switch around to if I get bored or tired of counting.

OH, and we've switched up the plan for Spencer's will be loosely based on Swell now and we're adding a third color. Once I get all the yarn, I'll show you the colors he picked out. He's found a different graphic pattern that he likes, and I'll be making the earflaps a bit differently, and there will be a color work pattern at the top of the hat as well, and , and, and... Once I'm feeling better, I've got a lot of numbers to crunch to make sure the new design and extra design work in with the amount of stitches I've got to work many numbers, so few coherent brain cells...

Honey visit update...Looks like it's been pushed back to Feb...Spencer is in the school play and they've finally set the date for January 27th. We've been working on his lines for a few weeks now, and there's no way I'd miss his stage debut. But you better believe I'll be jumping on a plane soon afterwards...

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