Friday, November 16, 2007

Psychotic Knitting lives...

Whoops, I've frogged it again...

I was um working on a gift thing and like I um didn't like how it was turning out and like I am so frogging's still going to like be the same like thing, but you know, like it's going to be a different stitch pattern, like ok? I've already started the new thing and like it's totally awesome. Cool!

You'll have to excuse me. Spencer's friend HWFT (he who floods toilets) is here for the weekend. They are like saying the word like, like every other word. Dude. It's annoying and I'm like finding myself like saying it too. GAH!!!

The cat is totally traumatized. She hissed, and growled, and spit at the boys the second they walked into the apartment. She has hidden herself in my room and probably won't come out until HWFT leaves on Sunday afternoon. Don't blame her, last time HWFT came to stay with us, not only did he flood the toilet, but the two of them teased her so much. Poor baby kitty girl.

Quite a few baby booties coming off the needles lately. I really have to post pix of those and update my Ravelry...

Ooooh...beep beep beep...laundry is ready to come out of the dryer. Yay. I just like totally like doing laundry. Like NOT!



  1. Like how did my oldest like get over there to like hang out with your Spencer?


  2. HWFT...bwahahahahah!
    Like, dude...we have one of those that comes to visit us, too.

  3. Oh maaaan....that think like cut off before I was done, dude! I was trying to say that the kid that comes to visit us is not only HWFT, but he also bears the title of HWGMO (HeWhoGassesMeOut).