Friday, December 07, 2007

Desperate Knitters...

...take desperate measures...

Well, not really that dramatic, but we got tired of waiting for the last color of Lamb's Pride to come in so we could start the infamous hat for Spencer...

Into the stash we dove...and came out with some leftovers from Honey's Leeds United scarf. Namely the white and yellow. Combined that with the dark brown and turquoise we had ordered just for the hat and viola!

One finished Surefire hat! not-really-finished-quite-yet Surefire hat because Spencer put it on to test the size and never gave it back.

It still needs to be blocked and I think we are going to line it with some lightweight flannel. But first it had to go to school today and over to Dad's house for the weekend. It will be back on Sunday night at which time I will confiscate it so I can finish it off properly!

Once the other yarn does actually arrive, I will make him another. This time I think I'll use a size smaller needles so it'll be a bit more fitted.

Can't believe I finished the knitting up part that quickly. I started Wednesday night and finished weaving in the last ends and doing the crochet edge last night. Wow. Have never finished knitting anything so quickly in my life.

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  1. The knitting blackhole is just lulling you into a false sense of security.... it'll jump out from behind the bushes soon enough.

    My knitting black hole acts like Scott Farkus from the Christmas Story.