Monday, December 03, 2007

Knit happenings...

Hi everyone,
I was a little out of this weekend...if it's not one thing, it's another! But...I did manage to get some knitting in...

Started this...and it's been cool so far...altho...ask me again after I've finished making all 58 bobbles....

Would really like to start far I have the dark brown and the blue that we ordered, still waiting on the cream color. Our version will not look like that tho...we are going for something along the lines of this...but without the pompom. We are trading in stripes for snowflakes... We were going to go with Swell, but we didn't like how things were starting to look. Earflaps just weren't right...and I couldn't get the damn thing to stop being so curly. Next!

Spencer and I are excited to get going on this...He graphed out the snowflake pattern from the American Eagle hat and now I've got to do some math to get it to work on the Surefire Hat. Now all I need for him to do is graph out the little wave pattern at the top for me and I'm in business. And...if the wool is too itchy, she has instructions on how to line the hat! How cool is that?!? It was intended to make the hat warmer, but stopping itchies will be it's mission here in the house of Chaos and Wool Sensitivities.

Been surfing and reading lots of magazines and books and blogs and websites many wonderful patterns out there! Waaaannnnnt to make so many. Realistically tho, some are way out of my league, some I'd get bored with and would never finish, and then there are some that I could totally do! And those I will do...eventually. In-between life.

Lamb's Pride, Lamb's Pride...where for art thou Lamb's Pride?!?

Hurry up and get here dammit!

Oooh...If anyone out there has any recommendations of anything knitty that's English, I'd appreciate it. Going to ask Honey's Mum (the only English knitter I know), but thought I'd put the question out there into blogland as well. Honey (bless his heart) has agreed to take me yarn shopping. I told him we needed to wait until my visit was almost over because I didn't want to blow all my spending money on yarn on the first day...poor dear has no idea what he's getting into...but now he does wink wink...wonder if he'll get too embarrassed if my eyes roll up into my head and I just dive into the yarn? Sensitivities be damned!!!

Ooooh...and when I mentioned I wanted to learn how to spin, he mentioned that Wales is famous for it's spinning wheels. Oh will I get this all home?!? hee hee

You know, I'll probably be so overwhelmed, I'll come home with nothing (nothing but blotchy, itchy skin anyway)...but I promise I will at least take pictures...

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  1. Anonymous5:44 AM PST

    Wales is also known for its sheep, sweetheart, but no way am I helping you get one of those home!


    And I'm English, not Welsh, so no sheep jokes at the back there!