Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Did you see that?!?

OK, so I wasn't at all tired tonight and stayed up (obviously, it is 12:20am) to watch the end of the Ice Dancing competition.

First off, congrats to the Canadians for winning the Gold. Oh...Canadaaa...eh!

Finally saw my first medal ceremony. Did you see the sweater coats that the medal bearers were wearing?


That is all...

Edited to add: After trolling just a few seconds in Ravelry, I found this...which led to this...I REALLY W.A.N.T. now that I got a better view of the sweater coats... Look at the size of those custom made needles. I bet you could make that sweater with a few yarns held together and a giant Tunisian Crochet hook.

Now to learn how to shape Tunisian Crochet...maybe for next winter. I've got other things to concentrate on right now - Kublacon anyone?


  1. Oh, the Canadian's won? I finally caught up on the Orig programs last night. Man I hope TIVO caught the final.
    Funny, I had decided that I had no interest in watching Figure Skating this year and yet the media hype is doing its job in making me want to watch.

    I adore sweater coats, and yet have none :(

  2. I don't have any either. I can just manage to wear cardigans and not get overheated. Which is the main reason I haven't knit many sweaters.

  3. and which is prob why I won't ever knit one...but I WANT!!!!