Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Time Lord Craziness...

Gah. OK, so the yarn didn't show up yesterday, but should be here any day. I can live with that...not like I'm going to drop everything and start on Dr Who socks as soon as it shows up. I'll probably just fondle the balls for a few days and wish for my sanity back as I rub them together.


What I can't believe I did was mess up my Netflix queue. Two discs of the last special with hottie David Tennant as the Dr. I get the usual shipment notice in the email yesterday. Disc 2 is due to arrive on Wed.

Whuh?!? Disc 2? I haven't gotten Disc 1 yet. Wtf?

Quick check of the queue shows I put disc 2 before disc 1. Sigh. Going to take a few days of sending Disc 2 back, getting Disc 1 and then adding Disc 2 back to the queue.

Yeah, the "Ins and Outs of being me".


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