Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Time Lord Obsessed

OK, so I've been really busy about the Chaos, at work (this job thing really wears me out - in a good way tho), Kublacon (another year down) and just the daily ins and outs of being me.

Still trying to recover from Kublacon - there are photos to be taken and items to be added to the shop.

Posts to be written about Kublacon, what I've been making, the fact that my wrist is recovered enough to knit with small needles again, happenings about town, things seen, Spencer's doings, etc.

Meanwhile, the latest Knitpicks catalog pops into my mailbox. Damn them, they always seem to arrive when I'm at my weakest...

Anyone else notice the "Time Traveler" self-striping sock yarn? Love the description!

Anyway again....6 balls later...ordered during a particularly weak moment during Kublacon weekend....on their way to be delivered today to the Chaos. I've also stocked up my Netflix queue with a bunch of Dr. Who episodes, old and new, so that I may knit away whilst watching. :)

I had an idea to knit a neverending scarf, but it will have to be quite thin in order to take advantage of the stripes. I like thickish scarves, so nah. I think I'll stick to socks. I know of 3 Dr. Who fans who would appreciate a Tom Baker-esque pair of socks and 6 balls is the perfect amount for that. :)

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