Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

OK, so I thought I had figured out something to count for my birthday.

I thought it would be clever to count down the minutes to my actual time of birth so long ago...

But then that would entail 47 monotonous posts.

There are tons of minutes in the day, but I don't feel like wasting any of them doing post after post after post.

Then I thought, I'll just put them all in one but that would be totally b.0.r.i.n.g. and how the heck would I organize it?

So I'm writing this all to tell you I was born at 8:39am 47 years ago...and I'm setting this to auto post so that I can get it all precise-like and now I can go relax for the night.

I'm going to go knit for 47 minutes. The first Dr Who sock is complete and I've already cast on and finished the toe of it's quasi-twin.

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  1. Anonymous7:45 AM PDT

    See, 21 and a bit! Ok, a fairly big bit, but it's still a bit...

    x x x