Thursday, July 29, 2010

On a knitting roll....

I can't seem to stop knitting. Ever since my wrist has been mostly recovered (it's pretty much 100% now unless I do something stupid...ummm), I can't put the needles down.

Well, that's not completely true, as I have put the needles down on my Juliette Sweater. Funny thing is, I stopped knitting on it because it's summer and it's a sweater and there's quite a bit of it now and it makes me hot to knit it.'s acting like winter here and it's chilly at night and I really should pick it up and knit on it because then I'll have it all ready to wear once Fall is here.

But...I can't do that because I am obsessed with knitting socks. I started about May-ish and I've done 2 pair since then (which is good for me). Just finished my first pair of the "Dr Who Socks" as I've been calling them as I'm using Knit Picks' Time Traveler Felici yarn. No photos yet because they are still in the camera.

Next up on the needles is another few small projects - special gifts for a special little lady - that I can't talk about because then the cat will be out of the bag. First gift will be knit on dpns, second one will be knit using the new 2-at-a-time-toe-up method from my new book. Trying something new - yay!

After that are socks, socks, and more socks with the new method. They are the perfect projects for the daily commute. I even cast off a sock while standing at the shuttle stop yesterday after work! Wish I had a photo, but I was the only person at the stop.

I'm geeking out excited about the new method because I have the hardest time getting things to match up on the socks when I do them one at time. Is the foot the same length? Am I starting the gussett at the same point? Is the leg the same? At worst, the socks I have done so far will be a few rows off - not noticable differences to anyone unless they're going to sit and count row by row. I'm really tired of stopping my knitting to compare one sock to the other, so yeah. Bring on the 2-at-a-time.

Ok, enough geeking out. Photos soon.


  1. Me so jealous!
    I can hardly type let alone knit. I did cast on for a hat when LilMiss was teeny and I need teeny hats.... she's not teeny anymore so that cast on will be casted off at some point and re-balled.

    Enjoy the socks! I think sock knitting is super fun and the end product is always cute. Although I admit I fear using hand knit socks because I know the work that went into them. what are your thoughts on that?

  2. Because of all that work, I will care lovingly for them. I will wear them til they fall off my feet tho. :)

    We knit them to be worn and enjoyed and to warm the feet of the receiver. :) Enjoy I say!

  3. I am SO pleased you have found two-at-once-toe-up. It's a life-changer, isn't it?