Thursday, August 18, 2011

Missed it again...

As of August 6th, 2011, I've been writing (IF you can call it that) for 5 years.

Missed my own blogiversary. Oh well.  These days, I'm lucky to remember to be fully clothed when I walk out the door in the morning.  I would have said comb my hair, but it doesn't ever look like I do, even when I actually do it, so, well. Whatever.

FIVE YEARS of blabbing how I'm going to get organized, do all sorts of knitting/sewing/jewelry/whatever projects, and lots and lots of blahbity blah blah blah.

I was going along fine on that whole organizing thingy until I got laid off and had to empty out my storage unit.  About 50% of the contents are still in my living room.

I basically gave up.

Well.  Enough about that.

Here's to another year of writing - mainly about nothing - because let's face it (yeah Donna, I'm talking to YOU- which is myself - oh gah, I'm talking to myself now - on the blog) there hasn't been any significant amount of sorting/cleaning going on lately - for a LONG time. 

How I do love to blabbity blab and brain spew...

Stick around readers.  The closer I get to 50, the more I blather. This should be quite entertaining.  I just turned 48 so things are really getting into gear on that front.

In the meantime, I've got a new bra and it seems to be very comfortable.

That, my dear readers, is good because a comfy bra is VERY hard to find when about a third of your body is boobs.

Carry on.

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