Wednesday, August 31, 2011 email is being mean!

You, my dearest email, have turned into a demon.  You constantly taunt me with your "SALE!" , "WHAT A DEAL!", "AND LAST CHANCE CLEARANCE!" subject lines.  Stop delivering the "Biggest Sale of the Season", and "FREE SHIPPING" emails.  Didn't you hear me tell you I am trying to save money?!?!?

Away with you online only Yarn sales, biggest Bead sale ever, and "you bought from us before, here's a BIG coupon so you can come back and buy MORE STUFF" emails.

I'm trying to save money.

I really am.  My target is something very special, so I've been trying REALLY hard to save as much as I can.

It's not really working though.  Not because I've been on a spending spree.  I will admit to having spent a lot of money last month, but it was all birthday money and gift cards.  The BEST money to spend.  THANKS to all who contributed to my shopping deliquency.  I totally enjoyed it.  That has finally dried up, so no more shopping.  Now if I could get my life to cooperate and quit costing me so much damn money, I'd have LOTS saved up in no time flat...sigh.

It's REALLY annoying to get all these emails ALL DAY LONG taunting me with all the things I WANT but do not NEED.  I do not want the torture. DO NOT WANT!

I've spent the last month or so removing myself from email lists.  As the emails come in, I "click here to unsubscribe".

Amazingly enough, they are still coming.  If I know that I haven't signed up for anything from a particular company, the emails are marked as "junk" and get filtered out.  I have apparently signed up for a shitload of crap over the last zillion years I've had an email though - and it's taking a long time to get it sorted out.

At least I don't get a whole bunch of catalogs in the snail mail anymore.

That reminds me, I do keep getting a few catalogs in the mail.  Need to get myself off those mailing lists too.  As much as I love diverting myself by looking at pretty yarn and shiny beads every so often, I really don't need the temptation.

It's not like I don't know where to go if I ever need anything. :)

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