Friday, August 12, 2011

Whutcha doin'?

Playing Wheel of Fortune on my new netbook and drinking imported English Tea (hand carried over by my Honey) in my "cable knit" mug (the infamous Starbuck's knitting mug).

When I make tea, it just makes me wish Honey was here even more. Not only do I miss him, but he makes THE. BEST. TEA.

Well duh Donna, considering where he's from, of COURSE he can make tea.

Just for the record, he makes the best coffee too.

It's always just the right amout of sugar and milk.


Check out the laptop cover.  Cables. Yarn.  That, my dear readers is a KNITTED cover.  With CABLES.  Next to the CABLE KNIT mug which holds my not-so-perfectly made tea.

And no, I can't take credit for making the knitted cover.  If it was left to me, my poor netbook would still be nekkid.

I was a "bad" knitter and bought it. :o)

I've gotten over it though, because it's the COOLEST. COVER. EVER.

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  1. Anonymous6:54 AM PDT

    Thank you for the compliment, sweetheart; hope I can get over soon somehow with more tea! Yorkshire Tea are running an ad campaign here, bringing proper tea to you poor deprived Americans :-) They've done Florida, and Nevada, so sooner or later they should get to California. Look for yorkshiretea on facebook - dunno if it says anything useful; I refuse to have a facebook!

    Honey (and Cow and the Daleks!)
    x x x