Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More to see here...

...going off to two more open houses this week.  In the same area as that very first place I looked at, actually.  The buildings do seem to be kept up better on that side of town than the other, so I'm hoping for something at least at the same level of where I am living now.  Old, but still functioning.  And NO MOLD.

Anyway, the pictures of the interiors look good, and I've checked the Google Satellite and all that, so things are looking pretty good that these will be ok.

Only problem with that is, everyone else and their 5 uncles will be there with the same sort of ideas that I've been having.

Wonder if I'll run into anyone that was at that first showing.  The two buildings are actually on the SAME BLOCK as that other one.

Let the games begin.  Sigh.

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