Thursday, October 27, 2011

We're getting close...

OK, so I went to see one of the places yesterday and the other place open house was not tonight, it's on Saturday. I totally read that posting all wrong.


I absolutely LOVED the place I saw yesterday.  It's a small building with only 25 units.  It seems like a cozy place with friendly people. The manager seems like a really nice lady.

The building was the oldest of the ones I'd seen so far, but good heavens, it has been well taken care of...and there is a pool.  It was clean and so was the surrounding pool area.

I swear, you could eat off the floor of the laundry room in the basement, that's how clean it was in there.  There was a nice sized folding table too.  It was spotless.

The unit itself was awesome.  It's really old with mostly the original fixtures or very old ones, but it was all clean, and they all work and there are lots of cabinets and natural light and a fireplace!  And the bedrooms even had ceiling fixtures.  Have NEVER seen that in an apartment. EVER.

The kitchen has lots of cabinets and the closets are decent.  You can never have enough storage in a California apartment.

I'll have to do without a balcony, a second bathroom, an automatic dishwasher and air conditioning - but I think I'll survive.  If they accept my application/offer, I'll be moving rather quickly, so I'll have the Winter to get used to the climate there. 

And yes, it's quite different than the climate here.  I think the Bay Area has about 9 or more micro climates.

Among the many postives, it gets a bit chilly there, so there will be much knitting and wearing of the knitting.

Fingers crossed everyone!

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