Monday, October 31, 2011

Would you like a pint of blood, my right arm, AND my firstborn?

Oh the wonderful world of looking for a new place to call "The Chaos".

And I thought it was difficult getting a new car or buying a house.

Has anyone else ever been asked for 3 years worth of tax returns for a rental?

Or do I just look like such a crook that they need that sort of proof that I'm actually gainfully employed...  Usually a call to the HR department of your current position takes care of least it USED to...

What absolutely KILLS me is that I know people who have had bankruptcies, evictions, unemployment, etc and have not had near this much trouble finding nice places in nice 'hoods.

I've never had any of that but the unemployment (who hasn't been unemployed) and I've got almost 13 YEARS (yes I said years - in the same place) of solid rental history.

Good grief.

Next open house is tomorrow after work.  I think I'm going to GRILL THE HECK out of any potential future landlords.  If you're going to ask me for all this, I have the right to know stuff about you too.


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