Monday, June 04, 2012


Today would have been Mom's 81st Birthday.

I took a photo of an old photo of Mom that I wanted to post.  On my phone it looks fine.  In reality it is blurry.

I wanted to write a nice post and put that old photo in it - it is one of my favorite ones of her.

Suddenly I have no words and now I have no photo.

I miss you Mom.

Edited to add:  Jeez, I could have at least said Happy Birthday.  "Happy Birthday Mom".


  1. Crap. These are the hard days. Well, no, every day is hard. But her birthday, Mother's Day, your birthday, Christmas, Spencer's birthday...they're all hard without her. Maybe try scanning the photo if that will help. It would be better quality. Do you have a scanner at work? Want to use mine?

  2. You can add Spencer's graduation day into that. She had talked about nothing else since last summer. His 18th b-day is coming up in 13 days.

    I have a scanner at home, work, and even a hand-held one. Unfortunately I was in Tx and just getting the computer up and running was a chore. We had so many technology issues that we would just say out loud "OK Mom and Dad, enough is enough, we need to get on the internet (or use the computer or use our phones)!" We would radomly lose access not only via the house internet, but also on our phones. ALL of us. No matter what provider. At the same time. Once that was said, all was well.