Thursday, January 04, 2007

Busy Little Knitter

OK, so I'm behind on the posting. I've been busy. Organizing, knitting, crafting and selling on top of the usual Mother-mode and working my day job. I made my first sale on Tuesday! I'm so excited!

My first ever order ready to go...

...and may there be many, many, many more!!!!!

Spence and I have been having a good time taking photos of items for the shop. Here's the setup we're using now. Markers hang from a bamboo needle against the sheepskin rug that's over the back of a chair. Notice the tripod in the foreground. It's an awesome piece of equipment from my photography days. is one of my fav hobbies (I even won a People's Choice Ribbon once), so I get to play with that now too! I get to style and photograph the stuff we put out on the site. Fun fun fun! (geek alert!) An all-around win for me.

I missed Boobie Tuesday and Weigh-In Wednesday, so here's the latest updates for that...

I have figured out that if I cut out 50% of the stairs I do every day, my knees are OK. Only problem with that is that the San Francisco AVON Walk goes through the streets of SF. The very, very hilly streets of SF. I'm hoping with time, knee strengthening exercises, and weight loss, the knees will get stronger and the problem will be solved. I am going ahead with the walk and will sign up by the end of this month. I've put up some Pink Ribbon Awareness markers in my shop. All proceeds will go towards my sign up fee. When I sign up for the walk, I'll get an online donation page and will post that link here on the blog. More info on that as things move along.

OK, so I didn't weigh in yesterday. Doesn't look like I'll be weighing in at the doc's office as planned. They open way too late. By the time I'd get to work, it would be 10AM. So I'll continue using my own scale. Instead of the South Beach Diet, I've decided to go along with this...make the right food choices, watch your portions, get out and walk. I can do that. As long as I don't deny myself anything, but enjoy in moderation, I'm OK with the whole process. Now that I'm not denying myself anything, I have no urge to eat it. Funny how the brain works, isn't it? So far so good. I've noticed my pants are a teeny bit baggy and Antonella says that after not seeing me for 2 weeks, she can tell I've dropped a few pounds cause my face is different. I'll take it. Next week I'll hop on the scale and hopefully that will reflect a change.

I'm not one of those who is a slave to the scale anymore, so climbing on one every week is something I need to get used to again. I think more about how my clothes look, fit and feel on my body, and how much strength, energy and zest for life I have (and that's pretty much sucked the last 13 yrs or so). That's how I judge whether I'm at a good weight or not (and boy I am so not at a good weight right now). And that's how I'm approaching this whole weight loss adventure. The only reason I've got the numbers on the ticker is because that's what the doctor is using to judge my health. That's the first thing she will look at the next time we meet. The numbers.

So here's to knocking a few numbers by the wayside in the ol' '07.

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  1. I know how you feel about the hill. Pittsburgh is as hilly as San Francisco except it snows here. We also have really cool street that start as street and then turn into stair well and back into streets.