Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Day late and $55 short

It's my Boobie Tuesday entry on Weigh-In Wednesday. Yeah, I'm late, so what.

Things are going along great so far as walking goes. I went to dinner (Spencer was in charge of the meal and he did great!) at my ex's 'new' house in the City and had my first taste of San Francisco hills. DAMN! Just about did me in, but I made it all the way up and then up a few flights of steps as well (KILLER). Just a little huffin' and puffin' and not too many complaints from my knees afterwards.

This makes me happy. I have lots of work to do, but there was no swelling on the knees and bare minimum soreness. This means that what I am doing is working. Knee strengthening exercises and easy stairwork. I should definitely be ready by July.

Tomorrow I go for an info meeting and meet my AVON walk contact. She will be helping me with anything I need as far as training, fundraising, etc. Basically, my AVON walk sanity keeper. Boy does she have her work cut out for her! I was hoping to officially sign up for the walk tomorrow, but need one or two more paychecks for that - then I can be officially official.

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  1. Anonymous2:48 PM PST

    At least you know what you are getting yourself into and you are preparing your body for the road ahead.

    I'm glad to hear your knees are getting stronger.