Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Giddy Up and Ye Haw and all that and no more chips

Hey everyone! Look! It's a Weigh-In Wednesday post on an actual Wednesday! I'm excited! Can you tell?!?

Before I begin with today's Weigh-In follies, I'd like to give a big shout out to my sister. The older sister who will always be older than me and turned one year older today! Don't worry, I won't say how old you really are - see, I really do love you - even though you are older. OK I'll stop now. Happy B-day Sis! Hope your day is a great one!!!!!!!

Anyway, check the ticker folks to see why I'm so flippin happy I'm driving my co-workers bat shit. Well not really, but one in particular keeps commenting on my cheerfulness - like it's a bad thing or something (he's only kidding and we're having fun with it).

OK, now for the WIW nitty gritty.
I'm down 8 lbs! I got my hair done last night! I'm almost down a jean size! All the things that make you just wanna jump up and down and go completely ape. But I've got it under control. I've got it toned down to a BIG smile on my face, and singing with my headphones on. Seems to me that once again, what I am doing is working. Making healthy food choices as best as I can and exercising - a little. Time to step it up with the exercise! (I have a thing with exclamation points today! See? There's another one of those buggers!)

And now let's take it down a notch (or ten) for some Knit content - breathe in, breathe out - ahhhh:


Oh yeah, I was supposed to take it down a few notches....anyway Spencer is off to ski with some friends for the weekend and is lacking a scarf and hat. What kind of a knitting mom would I be if I did not whip something up for him to take? Anywhoo, all other knitting projects are on hold, sorry Gary and Gerson you have to wait just a bit longer for your stuff now, 'cause my baby needs me.

So I picked up the beginnings of a ski mask I had started for him back in November that were laying pathetically at the bottom of Mr. Stuffles and knit my heart out on the train this morning. There will more of that tonight and tomorrow, etc until Friday night when I drop him off at his friend's house. But Donna, that's not a scarf. OK, let's think about who we're talking about here. A 12 1/2 year old boy. Who loses things. Especially warm winter accessory things. And who wouldn't wear a scarf if his life depended on it. Hence, ski mask that will also cover his neck and he can roll it up to a plain hat if he wants. That's the plan anyway. Hopefully I'll get a picture of it before he leaves 'cause I already know I'll never see it again. But I still have to make it. 'Cause he's my baby and he needs something warm.

Here's what Knitting purchases I made this Saturday...

$2 for both pairs (sizes 2.5 and 3) at a local Thrift Store.

Kitty had to come and check them out...

And decided they were non-threatening and wouldn't take over the sheepskin. So much so, that she shot 'em a moon...

...and then sat on them.

Here's what we watched before we watched the football game Saturday night...

...a gorgeous sunset. Gary, you are one lucky dude (in more than one way - you know what I mean).

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  1. Anonymous3:03 PM PST

    YAY for a wonderful WIW!

    I love the name of the tushneedles picture.