Friday, January 12, 2007

Mind blank, just start reading already

OK, so I couldn't think of anything clever for a title. Bummer. How am I supposed to meet the challenge then? Ms. Stephieface has game. I say, Bring it. I'll be ready. This ought to be interesting, and fun (the immortal words of the Harlot) - just like knitting. Stay tuned - anyone who answers the challenge will be working hard to steam up your screens with some Knaughty Knitting Stories.

Anyway, on to other stuff. The neck tube for Spencer is almost done. I didn't knit as much on it yesterday as I wanted was too cold out to take my gloves off to knit while I was waiting for the train. I think there's a pair of fingerless gloves in my future as well. While I was on the train, I was so bundled up, it was slow knitting on the neck tube. I know Gary, I know. It's cold out on your deck and you'd really like to go out and smoke your Honduran cigars without freezing your fingers off. I'm getting close. Really. I am.

Time for FlyLady Friday content. Um....not much to report here. I haven't really done much else but keep my sink almost clean. Right now, the kitchen is pretty much a disaster, so I get to spend tonight washing dishes, clearing off piles of mail, etc etc etc. Not exactly how I wanted to spend my Friday night, but I don't have anyone else to blame but myself.

This weekend, specifically tomorrow morning, I will be meeting my friend Cherry. We will be fondling yarn balls, measuring needle shafts, making stitches, and talking up a storm. And so begins her journey into the realm of knitting - yes folks, I am going to teach her to knit. She has crocheted before, so she is familiar with the concept of pulling yarn through loops to make things. If I don't wear out poor Hugo tonight (I tend to wear out my tools), I will bring him along so she can meet him and use him to make some balls for herself. (Why do I suddenly feel like a pimp?)

I'll have photos to share for sure and we will both be blogging about this little adventure. I'll link up to her entry when it's ready.

Hope you all have a great weekend. Since Spencer has abandoned me to go skiing, I shall spend my time knitting with friends, dining with friends and creating my Knaughty Knitting masterpiece. Oh yeah, and shining my freakin' kitchen sink...


  1. Anonymous11:44 AM PST

    Ok! I know it's close!! Now get that sink clean!!!

  2. Anonymous11:57 AM PST

    My mom has promised to teach me to crochet one of these days. I tried to teach myself using very simple illustrated instructions, and it was a complete failure. There's no substitute for a little real life supervision!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Anonymous3:43 PM PST

    I'm totally looking forward to tomorrow. My cats are going to think I am bringing home a bag of new toys for them (that will be the biggest challenge of this new skill I wish to acquire).

    I already have a friend that has asked me to re-teach her how to knit once I have learned the craft from you.