Thursday, January 11, 2007

My Baby still needs me, but not so much

So true in knitting and in regular life. He's growing up and I can't stop it. Sniff. So before I start balling my eyes out again (gee, variations on that word keep popping up, don't they?) , I'll move on to the knitting content.

The knitting emergency has been averted - but I'm still making him something - just not anything as involved as it was going to be. On the train home, we took out his packing list and went over what he already has and what he needs for this weekend. Long story short, he already has a beanie - he just needs something for his neck. We agreed (a small miracle in itself right there) that a scarf would just get in the way on the slopes and that he would probably take it off and lose it (these last words were his, not mine). So I showed him what I was working on and we agreed (twice in 5 minutes) that since he already had a beanie, I could just make him a neck tube to take with him. It will be finished tonight.

He was actually excited about it. When he is going down the slopes, he can pull it up to full length and cover not only his neck, but his lower face. When he's not skiing, he can pull it down around his neck. Nothing hanging off him, nothing to take on and off. Simple thing for me to knit. 2X2 rib around and around and around - I just love knitting in the round - bind off, end of story, take a picture, post it on the blog - you're done.

Crisis averted, problem solved, now I can get back to Gary's gloves tomorrow. And by the way Gary, I've switched up the pattern so not only do I have to finish up the second glove, but I have to re-knit the first one. (This is a test to see if Gary is actually reading my blog. I'll let you know if there is a reaction later.) Oh yeah, and I really did do that. Just ask Antonella.

Psychotic knitting at it's best.


  1. Anonymous11:00 AM PST

    I am restraining myself from IM'ing Gary to ask if he has read your blog, but that would of course clue him in that he should read, so I will resist. teehee

    Oh, you'll have to teach me how to do the neck tube. Many years ago, I got Eric one of those "Buff" thingys that they give the people on Survivor. He loves it for those kinda cold days, but now that it's actually cold here in CA, he's like something a bit more warm. Ok, maybe knitting in the round could be my second lesson (or 3rd).

  2. Anonymous1:49 PM PST

    You should knit his neck thingy like the hidden alien scarf from Stitch n Bitch with the illusion knitting and write something on it..... like.......

    Back Off Girly
    Touch and Die

    So that while he wears it, a snowbunny might hit on him...but feel vaguely nervous that some woman might come after her for doing so and in the end not bother due to the subconcious message lodged in her snowbunny psyche.

    Its worth a shot.

  3. I like the way you think Stephieface... is much too late for this neck tube, but there is always the school ski trip in March...and since he might lose this one this time, I'll have to make him another...