Sunday, January 28, 2007

OMG folks, it's another rare weekend sighting...

Wonders never cease...posting on the weekend. Can you tell the kid's not around?

Stephieface: I agree. Totally. Get me dirrrrty Viggo! Yum.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to watch the trifecta of hunks in The Mummy. That's Brenden Fraser, John Hannah (love his accent), and Oded Fehr.

After a break for hair coloring, it's a late afternoon Viggo II drool fest. (LoTR, The Two Towers)

Yes, folks. This weekend is about watching gorgeous actors on my TV. I do lots of other stuff while watching, but I'd rather remember the gorgeous hunks. Makes shredding paper or going through boxes or doing laundry so much easier when your mind is semi-escaping into some other reality populated by handsome men...

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  1. Anonymous6:19 AM PST

    Mmmmmm.... Oded and Brendan... The Mister bought me the super uber double Mummy DVD pack knowing full well that I wanted it to drool to.

    Then there's Gerard Butler in anything (especially Phantom of the Opera- who else, despite knowing how the story goes, thought Christine was stupid for not choosing the gerard phantom?.... anyone, anyone?)
    Joaquin Phoenix in the Village (its why I actually like that movie)
    Firefly (awesome for knitting and you have the hotness trifecta there as well with Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin, and super cute funny guy Alan Tudyk)

    Um... wait... I mean... eh... I like all those things for the storylines... yes...... that's it.....