Friday, January 05, 2007

Plays with Balls

Last night I was up until midnight playing with balls. And I had a great time too.

(OK, you guys can think what you will 'cause I know you're all a bunch of degenerates with filthy minds. Just take this statement as encouragement and let those dirty minds run wild. And just so you know, I'm thinking the same thing.)

I've got a new toy to help me play with balls Hugo... new ball winder. I just LOVE Hugo. I don't know how I lived without him for so damn long. We played all last night...

Our first ball together (sniff)...

...and certainly not our last. Because now all the balls we make together fit this perfectly...

...which means now I'll have a bunch of handy balls I can just wrap around my wrist and take with me wherever I may roam.

Together we made...

...Wully balls! And guess what?!? They don't itch! Looks like I can handle Wully balls now. But only if they are only 3% Wully.

And then we made...

...random balls - since I couldn't decide on which balls I wanted to fondle first.

Then we made... balls. For those of you paying attention, that would be the 21 yr old Spanish yarn in those blue balls. (Insert comment about foreign balls here - let your imagination run free my dahlings!)

And finally this morning, we just had to make one more ball...

...but beware! If you play with your balls too much, Nunzilla will smack your hands with her ruler and spit fire at you. Oh yeah, and you'll probably go blind.

(That's the Beaded Phoenix scarf/shawl making an appearance with Nunzilla. She really does spit fire. But you have to wind her up first.)


And now for something less exciting (or perverted so get out of 'dirty mind mode' people) - It's FlyLady Friday!!!!!

OK, so things haven't been going too quickly on this project, but I do try to do a few things every day just like they say I should. Things do seem to be getting better around here - it's just not happening as fast as I would like it. But I've accepted that. If I'm not going to quit my job and devote my life 24/7 to organizing my household, then it's going to take me a while to do this. My sink is empty though! And shiny! (Let's not mention the fact that I just moved all the pots to the countertop, shall we?)

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  1. Anonymous6:43 AM PST

    You have written the perfect post. I bask in your glory. Hugo looks just like my Caitho with significantly less gook. I know when Caitho first came home I wound every bit of yarn in the house... and then when left with no more yarn to wind, I rewound all the not as perfectly wound the first time balls.

    btw- you say balls 15 times in this post and I like it.