Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Happy B-day Antonella....

....Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!

My wondermous friend Antonella is celebrating another year on this world today....and I've been creating some monkey business up at her desk....heheheheheh....I'll have pix later....

Spence and I are really glad you came into our life...we love you girl!!!!! Don't forget...In-N-Out on Thursday.....yummy yummy!!!!!


And now on the business of Weigh-In Wednesday...another 2 lbs down! WOOT! I looked in the mirror the other day and said "WHOA!!!" face is looking smaller! And then looked a bit higher and said "Holy F@#$!" ...look. at. all. that. gray. Time for some magic in a box - otherwise known as "Revlon Colorsilk #47". Sigh. It'll be a nice treat to myself for still losing weight. Not as good as chocolate, but a hell of a mood boost and not so fattening... ; )

Still no walking this week, I hope to do some tomorrow, eh? It's been hella crazy in Officina de Chaos!!! And damn it all, I miss getting oot and aboot every day. (Like my Canadian? In honor of the birthday girl, eh?)

I should lose another 2 lbs by the end of next week when I re-take my test (18 lbs lost - close enough!). I want to do it Monday, but we've got a new person starting and I really should be in the office for I'll have to pick another day. But it will be next week! And I look forward to taking it...that's pretty damn sick isn't it...oh well...I can't wait for the results...I've worked hard to get here and the work is only just beginning. Right now I feel ready to know what's up...good or bad...I'm ready.

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  1. I have to take my glucose test sometime this week as well, course mine is because I'm a nonstop baby making factory.
    I have my fingers crossed for the orange flavor, someone's going down if they hand me the sprite one.