Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Happy Feet? Ummmm....maybe not?

I feel pretty…ugly!

I’ve been sick all week; it started with a fever on Sunday, I came home from work after only 90 minutes there on Monday, and spent the rest of the week sniffling, sneezing, and being very attractive in general. As I was apparently unable to breathe and walk at the same time, I chose breathing, and I didn’t walk. Until Sunday. I had plans to walk with Nathalie, and rather than do another 15 miler (due to Easter plans in the afternoon) we agreed to just walk until we had to or wanted to head home. That morning, I so did not want to get up and out the door. But I decided to give it a try, and if I ended up not feeling well, I’d just call it a day. I figured I could get at least 2 or 3 miles in, which would be better than nothing. Luckily, Nathalie was feeling pretty low energy herself. Off we went, a couple of weenies.

Well, not so much really. We cut it short at only ten miles. ONLY ten miles?! Holy crap, we did ten miles! Hot damn.

When I got home, I felt pretty good. My feet begged to differ – they actually felt ok, but man, they were ugly! See? I googled Heat Rash and I don’t think it’s that. This has happened the last three times I’ve walked, but it’s getting worse. Can you imagine how very attractive they’re going to be after 26 miles? It does go away over night though – at least it has so far. I’ll try to think positively.

Have a good week!

- the recovering scary-footed hard-ass weenie


Edited to add photo - would help if you could see the issues, eh?:


OK, time for the power of the internet and knitters everywhere (and non-knitters too!). Anyone got an ideas to help Rachel's tootsies?

Rachel, did you recently get new socks, shoes, or lotion? Could be a reaction from the heat, sweat, and if you've got something new on your skin...

Well folks, tomorrow is Weigh-In-Wednesday. We'll see if the added activity has helped any. I haven't been making the best food choices lately, so hopefully, at the minimum, there will be no weight gain.

Lucky yous, you get to read what I've learned while walking about in SF.


  1. OMG!
    I used to get a rash that looked exactly like that.... but on my chest exactly where my bra was. So everytime I wore a bra (which was everyday and it didn't matter which bra) it would turn red and angry like that.... no bra, it would be that but just pinkish.
    Does it kinda itch? Does it feel warmer than the rest of your body?

    1. see a doc because they are trained for that kind of thing
    2. keep your feet cool and go shoeless/sockless often
    3. when resting said tootsies, use Aloe gel. it didn't get rid of it, but it made it feel better (and its natural)

    Mine was a form of excema (or however you spell it) brought on by hormone changes (I get it just after childbirth and all during the time I am breastfeeding) and heat (I am pregnant during the hottest days of summer... every time) combined with my body's natural anger towards either bras in general or elasticy fabric. It went away on its own when the weather turned colder and I stopped breastfeeding.

    Do get it checked out, just to make sure... but it shouldn't get really any worse than pictured.... that doesn't mean the ain't prettiness of it won't get to you though, Rachel.

  2. no-blog-rachel2:08 PM PDT

    Actually it doesn't itch. The only time it's uncomfortable is when I'm in the shower - really hot water makes it sting a little.

    And if it continues, I do plan to see a doctor. Though watch - I'll send the picture to my father who's a doctor, and he'll tell me, "It's contact dermatitis". In other words... a rash. No wonder he earns the big bucks. :)

    It disappeared on Monday, thank goodness! It just occured to me, though I'm not using any new products or socks, I think this may have started when I started rubbing body glide over my whole foot instead of just around my toes. I'll try going without it next time and see what happens.