Tuesday, April 24, 2007

How could I forget it's Boobie Tuesday?????

Guess things are more Chaotic around here than I thought...

Anyway, here's Rachel's lastest update...


Lost Opportunities…

I walked by myself on Sunday – the team walk was canceled due to bad weather (which threatened much of the day but didn’t ever do anything).

Things I wanted to take pictures of but couldn’t, because my camera was at home:

- Absolutely gorgeous roses at multiple houses. I stopped to smell lots of them.
- Two completely cute little boys making giant soap bubbles and shrieking when the wind took them across the street (the bubbles, not the boys).
- My new house, approaching from either side.
- A tree with more lemons on it than leaves.
- The ree-eeaa-lllllyyy h-h-h-HOT AT&T guy loading stuff into his van.

‘nuff said.


My Avon Walk for Cancer Page


I really need to start taking my camera along too...but right now, I'm too busy walking and just looking to stop and snap just yet. Maybe after I take my test (next week already!!!!), I can slow down and enjoy it more.

Let's hear it for HOT GUYS you spot en route...BOOYAH!

And no-blog-Rachel has come over to the FUN side...she has finally broken down and set herself up with a blog...LOVE what she called it.

Needless to say, she has been added to my bloglines...which now state I have 287 blog entries to read...sigh.

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