Saturday, April 14, 2007

Soooo much to do...

Hello everyone,
This past week I've been extremely busy up until the last few days where I've been pleasantly distracted...don't you just love it when something unexpected comes up?

Needless to say, none of the pleasantly regular stuff has gotten updating my milage total, logging the last two walks, beading, knitting, relaxing...and definitely none of the necessary stuff such as bonding with Rhett, doing laundry, washing dishes...well, you get the picture.

And this week would have been the best time for it all since Spencer was out of town with a friend for Spring Break. Leave it to Work to totally screw everything up.

Despite all the chaos and distractions at work, I did manage to walk every day except Monday. Antonella is a great walking partner - she keeps me motivated to keep walking and is more than willing and capable to pry me from my cubicle when necessary. We overdid it a wee bit on Wednesday though - 4.61 miles instead of the usual 2.5 or so...we just had to go all the way to Pier 39 and watch the Sea Lions. So, on Thursday and Friday we walked the other way along the Embarcadero and did an easy 2.5 miles.

Oh! And I'm so excited!!!! I finally broke down and sighed up for dsl. I should have it in place by next weekend! WOOT! Now I can update my blog on the weekends too without suffering through this damn dial-up connection. That's why you don't usually hear from me on the weekends by the way, I get very frustrated and impatient with it all and just say "Fuhget about it!" hahaha

Now I can surf, shop, and generally have fun on the internet and Spence can game to his hearts content (under a time limit of course, and only after homework is done). It's an early b-day present to us both. His is in June, mine is in July...but I can't wait any longer and I got a great deal, so how could I resist?

But Donna, this is the weekend! And you're slogging (sluggish blogging)! Well, I thought I'd pop on the internet to check the weather report to see how long this rain will last...looks like all day, so there will be no outdoor walk today. :( Looks like today is filled with bill paying, dish washing, laundry (if I can get some Quarters) and bonding. Yes, definitely Rhett bonding. I still need to clean our new love's pretty nasty from our last bonding session - we almost shorted it out!

But first, some breakfast...I've been up since 5am (oh the horror! So friggin' early on a Saturday!) and still haven't eaten anything! I've been busying slugging thru the internet and now my tummy grumbles. So with that, I bid you farewell and happy Weekend to you all!

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  1. Anonymous8:49 PM PDT

    Welcome to the 90's, uh oh um, the 2000's with your dsl. Hope you enjoy it!