Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A whole lot of crazy goin' 'round...

Work has been on the crazy side lately, and I’ve found that knitting during lunch has been helping with the stress better than walking. So I didn’t walk during lunch this week. I did get to it on the weekend, though – I’m a partial slacker, not a total one. There were 3 of us this time – well actually 4, if you count Cheerio, the little canine dust mop who joined us with his mom.

For the first time in a few weeks, no one was recovering from the flu or something, and it showed in our pace. We averaged about .25 mph faster than we had the last few walks, and that included slowing down to let Cheerio visit with a few doggie friends. Not bad. The path from Los Gatos to Campbell and back was pretty crowded which can be a little irritating, but I’m sure it was nothing compared to the hordes that will be taking the same course we will during the walk, so I’m just going to have to get used to it! We did 13 miles in 4 hours. I was actually more impressed with Cheerio than I was with us. He’s just a little guy, and damn he did well! He’d stop to visit with other dogs, and then walk REALLY fast so he could be ahead of us again. You could tell near the end that he was pretty tired, but he kept smiling the whole time. Too bad he can’t do the real walk with us – he’s a great little walk buddy.

I tried not using body glide on my feet for the walk to see if it would make a difference with that very attractive rash. It wasn’t as bad this time as last, but the day wasn’t as hot either. I think it has to do with temperature and moisture, not so much the body glide. I did use it on and around my toes and there was no rash there. While I was walking, the middle of the balls of my feet started to hurt – it felt as if a blister was forming, but there wasn’t anything there. Cheerio’s mom had the same issue. Luckily, I’m a freakin’ boy scout and carry all sorts of stuff on me that I think I might need, so I was able to make use of some mole foam (??), which helped both of us. Note to self: stay well stocked with mole foam. Other than that, I felt pretty good the entire walk. Toward the end my shoulders were really sore – it’s where I carry my tension – but I found that if I concentrated on good posture while I walked it did help. That and of course, stretching. I think I’m going to try to add Pilates to my workout plan; I’ve been ignoring upper body work and I’m feeling it.

There’s nothing wrong with 13 miles, but we need to push it more. So next week we’re doing 15 or more. Including some hills. Nathalie wants to do 20. Yikes! Another plan we have is to drive up to the city some time and walk the hills that will actually be part of the course. We don’t know the exact route, but I think whatever hills we do there will be good practice. In the meantime, I’m sure those Los Gatos hills will be kickin’ my butt. As long as they’re making it more muscular, that’s fine with me.

See you next week!



Girl, your butt will be rock solid by the time you are done...

Glad to hear things are looking up with the whole rash thing. And yes, now is the time to discover everything that helps with aches, pains, and blisters. You will definitely need them come walk time. The walks do start out crowded in the morning, but the walkers just naturally spread themselves out after the first mile or so. Everyone gets into their own pace and stride. I remember the second walk I did, we were walking up the Pacific Coast Highway and we were pretty much single file on the side of the road. Walkers for miles in front of me and for miles behind me. All walking to make a change. It was a beautiful site. Still brings a tear to my eye when I think about it.

Anyway, things are crazy around Casa de Chaos and Officina de Chaos as well. And opposite to Rachel, walking is my way of dealing. Check out the mileage that Antonella and I have been racking up...we are averaging 2.75 miles a day!

The Pleasant Distraction has been even more pleasantly distracting lately, so now we toss that into the Chaos and see what falls out. An extremely busy, very happy woman.

Walk on Rachel! When you walk at lunch again, think of Antonella and I out there with you in spirit.

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    Look at you - 3 pounds more! Nice work.