Monday, September 03, 2007

All Hail the Mighty Storage Unit...

Greetings my friends...Spencer and I just got back from taking a load of boxes to the storage unit. Yes...we finally got around to doing it. Loaded up the trunk and the back seat of the car and Spencer held a smaller box in the front seat with him.


To be honest, I'd thought I'd feel so much better once I started moving stuff out of the apartment and into our little storage unit. Oddly enough, I don't. Maybe 'cause it still looks like we didn't take anything out - even though we took 12 boxes and a large rolling cooler! Yes folks, I have that. much. crap. I do feel some sort of accomplishment though, because we did take 12 boxes and a rolling cooler to the unit after all. I think it will take another load of boxes to start noticing a big difference. The big boxes we took today were all from the closets, so no, I guess you wouldn't really notice a change unless you went and looked in the closets...

Anyway, I'm still happy I did this, it was definitely a good decision. Wish I could have been in a mental place to do this earlier. It's not like I'm getting rid of it all right away, it's just moving out for a bit. Then I will slowly get rid of it. Yes, I admit it, I have attachment issues when it comes to my stuff. I've had it around me for so long, and when things were bad, my stuff was always there. I think I've finally reached a point where I don't need the stuff anymore, but it's still hard to give it up. But I'm working on it.

I think it'll be easier on my emotions to do this with the storage unit. Now, after I've sorted a bit there's so much of it to take away and so much of it still around. Sorting it bit by bit will be easier on me mentally. Go through just one or two boxes at a time, nothing else is laying about...only a bag or two goes away.

Going to start that in earnest once Honey's visit is over. I'm in too much of a panic mode now to deal with it. Getting it out is the first step and a big one for me, so that'll do for a few weeks.

Speaking of Honey...12 days until he arrives...

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  1. oooooo, the Honey countdown is getting ever shorter!