Sunday, September 09, 2007

I did it! I did it!

I actually did something I said I would and had all planned out. Must be the end of the world or something...

Anyways...woke up early after another late night...argh...and immediately started photographing the things I had all packed and ready to go to the Annex. After some general farting around, chatting with the Honey and a bit of laziness (hey, I didn't get to bed until 2am), I met up with Antonella. We headed out to the Annex with a new load of boxes, took them up to the Annex using the handy dandy trolley and uber-sized elevator, and proceeded to photograph all the stuff already in there before adding the new stuff. Also picked out a few boxes of crafting stuff that Spencer and I will need when we start our Etsy crafting.

Antonella's reaction to the Annex? "Are you sure all this stuff came out of your apartment? Where the hell did you have it?" But wait my friend, there's even more stuff to bring! Anyway, after finishing up at the Annex, we headed off to Target where I bought the last two clearance storage bins. Wanted at least 4 more, but clearance is what it is...I'm lucky to have gotten any more period.

Another successful day of organizing ending with a trip to our favorite eat and chat place...In and Out.

Tonight, a bit o' knitting on the Honey Scarf, some online puzzle games, some more organizing...and then it's off to bed at a decent hour. I hope.

6 days.

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  1. What a swell idea to catalog what you have in storage! Our "storage" is in our attic and I only have a small idea of what has been tossed up there over the last few years. Out of sight, out of mind.