Saturday, September 15, 2007

On my way to Cloud layovers... flight.

Speaking of flights, The Honey is jetting his way here on the last of his flights. He's had a long day, so is probably exhausted. I've had a long day, and I am exhausted. Somehow I'm sure it won't matter as soon as we see each other down that long airport hallway.

Cue the sappy music as our eyes meet and we run towards each other in slow motion....and I promptly get wrestled to the ground by the TSA and hauled away for a strip search...heh....wadda ya mean I can't go past this little sign that says "Ticketed Passengers Only Beyond This Point"?

OK, so back to reality. All is ready except for a few last minute things. Time to get myself ready...and I'm burning up...guess it's the skirt...OOOH...and I've decided which shirt to wear.

I may or may not post during the next few weeks. I will if I finish the Honey Scarf, 'cause of course it will be gifted right away, so I'll be able to share with you guys.

Something tells me though, that I won't be knitting...just sayin'...

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