Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Calgon...get the heck over here and drag my ass to somewhere else but here...

Ugh...just feeling a bit like my brain will explode lately. Lots of information is making it's way in via phone calls, emails, texts, instant messages, snail mail, internet....ack.

Just what is all this info for? Spencer. Spencer is going to high school next year. And if the fact that my 'baby' is growing up (and you all know exactly how I feel about that...) wasn't enough to make the ol' gray matter want to scatter about the room...well...let's throw in researching high schools. Don't go thinking it's just me doing all the work either. Spencer, his Dad, and I are going through the madness as together as we can get these days.

This Friday is our first school tour. Saturday, there is a high school fair in San Francisco. There is also a gathering for 8th grade families on Saturday afternoon. And this is just the beginning of what is sure to be a few months of scheduling hell.

The 8th grade families are always wanting to get together...to commiserate having teens, to share high school information, to talk to others going thru the same shit. To just reinforce every so often that they're not the only ones going thru it. To try and get some sanity back.

And this is just the research phase.

Next up we have more tours, standardized testing, and then the forms start...Oh the glorious friggin' forms. I hate forms. Hate them with a passion. Unfortunately, you can't do anything in this world without pushing a bit o' paper around.

I just want to run screaming sometimes when all the info comes flooding in...'cause you know it would be just way too convenient for all us parents if the universe could just spread it out just a wee little bit. So we get slammed every few days. With loads of crap from every direction. I need to remember to NOT check my email before bedtime until this is all over with... Gah.

Oh...and the Superior Court system here has decided to reject my excuse to get out of my jury summons. Fools! I'll show them. I'll get knitting needles in that court house somehow, stand up in court and yell "I have needles and I know how to use them!" and then demurely add "would you like to see what I've done so far on this lace shawl your honor?"

Oh, and I've already warned the Honey that he might get a message from Antonella saying I'm in jail for contempt of court...'cause I'm going in packing needles and an attitude. I soooo do not want to do this...I've got too much brain clean-up to do.

bwahahaha...just had a fabulous idea...I have some very very very thin mechanical pencils...they would be perfect to use to make some fabulous baby booties and maybe a dishcloth or two while I'm waiting. Can't wait to see what happens when "they" search my backpack. Nothing but yarn and a few mechanical pencils...what could I possibly do with that?

Geez...maybe I should have had that glass of wine after all...

Edited to add: First of all, damn, I REALLY need to go to bed. Second, OK so the mechanical pencil thing didn't work out...very very very thin wasn't as thin as I thought it was...equivalent to US size 11 needles actually. That won't do, won't do at all. Enter plan B: I have an absolutely lovely pair of fancy pants chopsticks (US size 7) - ready and waiting to go to court. Encased in a lovely chopstick holder thingy so they are obviously chopsticks and not weapons of mass destruction. I'm having waaay to much fun with this...or is it obsessing now...ok ok...going off to bed now.

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