Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Shake it shake it shake it baby...

Yep...more earthquakes. All is well here in the Chaos though. A bit shaken, but doing OK. Poor Kitty cat is still freaked out - the news says there have been several (as in over a dozen) aftershocks from this last quake and I'm sure she can feel them. I can't though...which right now, is a very good thing.

OK, here's the nitty gritty:

Felt this one at 12:55 pm...pretty sure this is on the same fault line as this one I just felt tonight at 8:04 pm. First, a 3.0 er....then a 5.6 er. Rumble. rumble. rumble. Definitely shook me up. If you check out the recent quakes map on either of these links, you'll notice several smaller quakes all down towards the big one...in a nice purdy kind of row...has to be the same fault line.

Finally finished checking around with my boy and friends and all...everyone is safe, no damage or injuries. News says there was some minor damage near the epicenter and we should all prepare for aftershocks...some of which could be large. Lovely. Just checked the emergency supplies. I'm doing pretty good. Just need some more batteries for our flashlight and need to restock some of our first aid supplies. Guess a trip to Target tomorrow morning is in order. Have plenty of canned goods for us and kitty is well stocked with food and treats (very important those treats) and a new bag of catnip (also very important).

I was at home working and chatting with my Honey during the first one. We talked about it for a while and I sent him all the links and stuff and we looked at it together on the Google Earth map that the USGS is using now. Way cool. Told him a little about the area. It was actually centered across the highway from Black Diamond Games. Going to have to check in with Gary over the weekend and see how they're doing over there...and check on my friends at the ARF Mart Thrift Store (I used to volunteer there, it's two doors down from BDG).

During the second, I was at the JoAnn Superstore (in the same area as the epicenter of the first quake) waiting in the checkout line. Shelves and wall displays shook for a few seconds. I was wondering if I was just imaging things when a woman at the checkout kept telling her friend "I know I felt something. Didn't you feel it?" When she looked over at me I shook my head "Yes, you felt it cos I did too!" Other people were "Felt what? I didn't feel anything!"

Right after, my phone buzzed with a missed call from Spencer. I tried calling him back, but the mobile network was busy "PLease try again later." Got a bit scared at this point since that only happens when something big happens...so knew right away it was a big one and was hoping to God it wasn't centered in San Francisco where Spencer was with his Dad...after several tries and 20 minutes later, he finally got through. "OH MY GOD MOM! Did you feel that? That was SOOOO COOOOOL!" Right. Guess I worried for nothin'... He filled me in on all the details and said they were all OK and there was no damage.

Well it's off to bed to cozy up with my freaked out cat to read my new knitting magazines and hope to God I can fall asleep soon.

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  1. I feel bad. My earthquake kit doesn't have cat food in it. I suck.