Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Still plugging away at work...

Last few days have been hectic. Today is much more mellow, but still busy. Fedex finally delivered my color ink cartridge, so I can get back to making CD labels and all that...and get on with shipping out the new release.

Been having fun with shipping, toilets, bikes, late buses, meetings at school, printers running out of ink and no one around here having what you need in stock...seems like the list is endless.

Spent over an hour on the phone with Fedex fixing my account, called the apartment manager, fixed the bike, finally caught the bus, went to the meeting, rec'd a box today.

Now I can ship, flush, ride, ride, send my child to High School and print. All is right in this part of my little world. Well, as good as it can be for right now seeing that I've got lots of stuff to ship...I am just grateful that it's not coming out of my pocket to get it shipped...

Got a lot of knitting in yesterday as I spent lots of time on public transit getting to and from Spencer's school for the meeting. Yay. It felt good to sit back, relax and get a few pattern repeats done.

It's chilly out and cloudy and rainy. Would love to curl up on the couch with a warm blankie, the kitty, my knitting and a movie. Must work instead...but the couch is calling...nope, customers waaaaannnntttt, so must deliver. Guess I'll save that other stuff for the weekend. Plus more high school research and updating the blog with some photos of artwork. Spencer is on a roll.

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