Saturday, October 27, 2007

When Ex's get along...

Life is good. Cooperation is good.

The high school madness has officially begun. Yes, when ex's get along, it's a good thing. Especially when you're going to be spending lots of insane hours together trying to decide the next step in the future of your spawn.

Friday morning was our first High School tour. After the tour, Spencer's dad (the ex of course) let me keep his car for the night. (sweeet) Early this morning, we needed to be in the City for a Public School Fair. We were able to sleep in and drove into the City with ummmm....just a slight getting lost bit on my part...but with the help of Spencer's mad map reading skills, we made it on time.

To be greeted by utter chaos. Public schools grades K-12. Gah. Families everywhere. Gah. Our family, such as it is, dove in... It was worth it though, because we talked to Principals and students of all the schools we were all interested in and got a shitload of info about it all. Along with dates for yet more craziness. More tours, shadowing...ack.

November is going to be totally. Insane. I mean...totally. insane. The first two weeks are already full, the last few are filling up quickly. Did I say insane? Thought I did. Yes. Insane.

So to celebrate the insanity and take advantage of the fact that we had a car for the night, we made the rounds... Off to Spencer's fav game store Black Diamond Games. The owner, Gary, has moved the store to a new spot. Great for him, not so great for us...he's further away and we're not driving anymore. Hence, first destination, check out the new digs. Awesome, simply awesome. If you are local, and a gamer, check it out. You won't be disappointed.

Second destination...Yokoso Sushi. Why this sushi? We like it there, and it was next to Kohl's of course and Spencer needed some shoes and jeans. I swear, I will go broke keeping this kid clothed. Oh, and fed. Can't forget how much he eats....

Anyway, after a very yummy dinner, we walked across the parking lot to cruise the jean and shoe racks. Last night's Kohl's haul? Van's skater shoes $34.99 on sale. Polo jeans $17.99 on sale from $42. And some Urban Pipeline jeans $16.99 on sale from $32. Spencer actually bought one pair of the jeans using part of his gift card from Grandma M....which made me very happy.

Next up, back to Ross Dress for Less. Needed to return some shoes. Did that, used that money plus the remaining gift card I had left to buy some flat sheets. Going to sew them up to make duvet covers for our new quilts from Ikea. Going to add some cool buttons as closures, because of course, as a crafter, I have a stash of those...and they are mostly vintage. And if I ever get around to the sewing, I shall post pictures. Somehow I think that's not going to happen until after November is over. Just sayin'.

Our last stop of the night was getting two cases, two very heavy cases, of bottled water. We brought up one case last night. Left the other for this morning. Of course, we forgot about it, and now the Ex has not only a topped off tank of gas for so generously let us tool about in his new car for the night, he also has a case of bottled water.

Today...on the way home after the Fair, we got off the train in Downtown Oakland and visited End Game who was celebrating 6 years of gaming fun. Met up with Spencer's good buddy ...he who floods toilets...and the boys spent some time gaming. I sat in a comfy chair knitting and chatting with a gaming widow. Her hubby is a book author...gaming manuals or whatever for role playing games.

Got home, took nap...but am still exhausted, so it's off to bed now for me.

Tomorrow, we bake for a bake sale at Spencer's school on Monday. The kids are raising money for a Washington DC trip in the Spring. There will also be laundry, a walk across the street for groceries, ummm...and I'm sure something else that I'm totally forgetting about.

And the most important of all, calling Grandma M and Auntie L. And some prime chat time with the Honey. Looking forward to both.

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