Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Well, I sure as hell ain't doing very well with this here posting more often thing, am I...sigh...

Actually, I have been quite busy...more like running all around and being so tired, I just don't feel like doing anything but going to bed once the sun goes down...

Anyway...The Honey has reminded me that I forgot to tell about Immigration once I got off the plane in England.

Not really much to tell, but sure as hell wish I had a photo of the guys face when I answered the infamous "Are you here on business or pleasure Miss?" with "I'm here on vacation!"

In England.

In February.

And...it's snowing.

Yes, I got quite "A Look".

An "Are you completely and utterly MAD, as in INSANE?" kind of look.

He was actually speechless there for a few seconds. I think I was only one of about a dozen or so US citizens from the plane. Everyone else were Brits returning home. The other US folks were there on business, or visiting family - there was even one family going to a funeral (really hated hearing that...).

But I was on VACATION!!!

After the usual grilling about where I was staying and all that, he finally let me pass. "Welcome to the UK Miss, urmmm...Enjoy your stay?"

Oh, and Stephieface....in answer to your comment about why I couldn't knit on the way home. Yes, they do knit in England. BUT, obviously, English Knitters are subversive folk hell bent on taking over the world - in an even worse way than I am. No sharp objects whatsoever, in any shape or form, are allowed on any flights leaving the UK. Knitting needles are first on the list.

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  1. Anonymous10:51 AM PDT

    Its a conspiracy by the crocheters... I'm certain of it.

    "See Mr Air Marshall, they have these super dangerous pointy sticks and I only have this here non threatening not even dangerous hook thingy. They could harm someone with a terrible stabbity stabbity, while I could only maybe scratch you and only if your skin is really dry...."

    I know it! [insert West Side Story choreographed gang fight music here]