Friday, May 23, 2008

Time for the KublaCon*...

Spencer's friend is here now...they are 'practicing' their strategies for *tomorrow and most likely the rest of the weekend.

How does one prepare for sitting at the Con for the whole day or so?!? Very carefully.

This is the 3rd year that we're going. Why do I have to go? The boys are underage, so an adult "chaperone" must accompany them for the entire time they are there.

Crazy says you?

Wonderful says I!

I get to sit around doing 'nothing' all day. No work phone calls, no chores, no distractions. We are set to leave at 8am and if the boys do well in their tournament (it starts at noon), we might be there until 8pm. Hmmmm....

Almost time to go collect the last bit of laundry. Then I pack for tomorrow.

In my bag/cart, there will be knitting, reading, possible jewelry supplies (StephieFace, I'm buying more mini dice!), sewing (pattern making actually), sewing magazine (Burda World of Fashion), Burda knitting magazine, maybe a puzzle book...and whatever else I can think of... Bought a new book (Honey, I found Mort!!!! I finally found Mort!!!), and the zines tonight. It's all I can do to tear into them all RIGHT NOW!!! Must behave though or I'll have less to do tomorrow.

Oh yes, and snacks...lots of snacks. And bottles of water.

And now we have all decided it's time to pack up all our respective bags and prepare all snackage for tomorrow.

I'm ready! Bring it on!!!

Ooooh...and I'm a bit behind on my Sister's gift, but should finish up the rest of the pieces I need in the first few hours at the Con...then I can sew it up!!! Yay!

PS...a new addition to the Kubla Posse this year? Ms. Cow I'd take sock monkey, but he's too much of a trouble maker.


  1. I could be wrong, but I could swear that somewhere on Ravelry I saw that there was going to be a knitter's meet up I imagining things?? You might want to check the bay area boards!

  2. Anonymous4:33 PM PDT

    Mini Dice!!! Wooot!