Monday, September 08, 2008

...I'm a joiner... and a follower...what can i say?

First off...

I now belong to a Ravelry group that I'm actually going to participate in...go figure. After basically ignoring Ravelry for how long... I do use it for research and patterns though, so not totally ignoring it. Besides, I can't risk being sucked into it during the day while I'm supposed to be working.

That's my excuse and I'm running with it.

Anyway, how did I come to join the SF Sock a Month KAL? AmpuT belongs and asked me to tag along with her at the meet up this past Sunday. That would be yesterday. How could I resist? Knitting socks, socializing, road tripping into the City with AmpuT, and finally shopping with the whole crew at Imagiknit. Not only does this fun bunch of sock knitters sit in an SF cafe and knit, they also go knit shopping together. What could you not like about that?!?

Long story short, I had a great time! Thanks AmpuT for asking me along. I can't wait to start with the next pattern in October (currently, it is second sock month). While everyone else is finishing their second socks, I will be working on finishing my Mom's birthday socks that I started way back in June (oh shut it). This will give me good incentive to get them done as soon as possible so I can vote and start on the next sock pattern for the KAL club. Not to mention, I'd really like to get them off to Mom before her next birthday rolls around. Ahem.

And of course, I've already bought the yarn for the next KAL. And a little something special for a special person for Christmas. Hee hee. How could I not buy something at Imagiknit?

And I've decided to stop neglecting my Ravelry account. First up, I think I'll be adding my stash. I've got some stuff from England to show off and my latest acquisitions from yesterday.

Nothing like stepping outside of your comfort zone for this club. I've been knitting very plain toe up socks. No pattern, we're talking mondo plain here people - stockingette foot and ribbed above the ankle. Like I said, plain. And this is only my 5th sock (beginning of the 3rd pair).

The club seems to like top-down patterned socks.

Good thing I get a month to finish off one sock.

Next, I've followed AntiM into The 100 Pushups Training thing.

I took the test...I did less than one pushup - pathetic, I know.

Figured out because of my wrist issues, I need to do a modified up-against-the-wall pushup until I can gain some more strength. (those 12 yr olds reading can now commence snickering)

I've done my set training for today - and my arms are noodles.

Oooh....this will be good for keeping me from snacking. I can barely type, let alone pick food up into my mouth. And this is from MODIFIED pushups my friends.

Oh well, never did claim to have great upper body strength.

Swimming is going to be interesting tonight. OH yeah, I'm still gonna keep up with the swimming - and Honey said not to forget to find a lower body workout to balance things out on the days I'm not doing the pushup stuff. I think it's finally time to push PLAY on that Pilates Lower Body workout dvd I've been avoiding for about 2 years now.

And on this note, I leave you with a photo of a new acquisition from our trip to England.

Marvin: Exterminate!!!
Me: NO!!! Wait, it's a bank, not a real Tardis!
Marvin: Don't care...EXTERMINATE!!!
Me: At least let me take the money out of it first...


  1. Sidney the woolly dalek is cheering Marvin on; and he says he can totally exterminate knitted Tardises, doesn't matter how big they are...


  2. Ok I did the initial test of the push up thing. I wonder if it's a bad thing that my back hurts more then my arms... guess I should be doing those back/abs exercises the chiro and physical therapist gave me after all.

    Have fun with the socks!

  3. Anonymous5:24 AM PDT

    Ah... Ah... we know Honey's real name now!

  4. For the record? My butt hurts from doing push ups, so I'm pretty sure a sore back is just fine.

    Plural of Tardis... heheheheheh.

    Welcome to push ups, Donna!