Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sigh...back to the same old #@%*&!!!!

Hey everyone,
Well, it's back to work, school, and chaos here in the Chaos.

Lots of work going on.

Second week of school in progress.

Too many things to do around here and not enough time or energy to do them.

Nothing new.

Once I get my butt in gear, I'll start posting photos of something, cos I've got lots of photos and have to do something with them.

On a positive note, Spencer and I have started swimming every day. It's a much better exercise for me, and well, it's been hot as hell over here. I've lost a few pounds and some inches overall since we started about 11 days ago.

That makes me happy.

Work, teen angst, and a messy, chaotic apartment do not.

Oh, and as is tradition during the first month of school, someone has given me a bug. New school, new kids, and public transit...gah.

Excuse my while I sit on the couch and whine...cos you know my head is *this* big...

Too bad the only other living creature here is the cat and she doesn't give a flying hoot about how I feel - just as long as I keep the food and water fresh...


  1. Darn those new school bugs but yay to swimming!

    How's the whole high school thing going?

  2. Anonymous3:29 PM PDT

    School + Public Transit = The Evil