Thursday, November 13, 2008

Another Jaw-sie night

Last night's Basket Job - the shredding - is going to have to be continued tonight.

I had quite a bit to shred (really should keep up with it better), and the poor shredder started to get a bit warm, so I shut it off after a bit to let it rest and cool down. Not much left, so I will continue that Basket Job tonight.

If I feel up to it, I will pull out another Job Paper from the Basket. Most likely not though as Spencer and I are working on our special project tonight.

Oh, and the tray is not and never will "be". That little project failed in an epic way. Sigh.

The whole point was to take bits and pieces I got on the cheap and make a cool tray.

All I got out of it was some more stuff for the trash dumpster (not going to spend any more money on it) and a wee hole through the tip of my finger.

Don't ask.

PS. The finger is fine, just a bit sore.


  1. bummer about the tray project and your finger! ouch!

    I need to do the shredding thing soon. For the most part I don't add anything to the filing cabinet anymore and that stuff is just getting older and older and more and more out dated and unneeded. Why do I really need to keep last years PG&E statements is beyond me. Perhaps a project for the weekend. :-)

    I did a weeks worth of mail sorting this morning, and only 5 pieces out of the big pile were worth being read. so some shredding and recycling happened this morning.

    I told Eric about your basket and he thought it was a great idea! We'll see if we implement something similar. Right now I would be happy if we each spent 15 minutes a day just doing chores let alone working on outstanding organization issues.

    BTW - work verf today is sting. And yes, when I think of all of the 15 minute intervals we could spend on organizing does sting.

  2. I memed you, you lucky thing: