Sunday, November 30, 2008

balling vs bawling...

Well....technically, I was "balling" as I was winding up the sock yarn from my new project bag...but I didn't say that, did I...

As the program went was hard to tell whether I was bawling cos of Pavarotti, or if I was bawling cos the balling of the sock yarn was becoming such an epic chore.

Ended up with a ginormous ball of a knot.

We all know the Chaos likes to have balls laying about, but not these kind dammit.

I was up until about 1am un-balling the knot and making a nice yarn ball out of it.

Tamed at last...

Really do need to wait until someone else is here to hold the skein for me...

Oh, and it is gorgeous yarn - a lovely, deep red with colored goes awesomely with my olive denim jacket and my denim denim jacket...and my brown winter coat. I wonder if I could find a hat or lacey scarf pattern than uses sock to Ravelry for some research!!!


  1. We were up balling together last night! I was balling up my first center pull ball by hand last night and my skein kept knotting up. Seriously... 1AM!

    I used your tip of going to Ravelry to find a Man Hat pattern and I found such the perfect one for Eric. My first 'in the round' project is half way done. I had to add an few stitches to accommodate Eric's extra large head and I'm using needles one size up because really... how many sets of circulars of I going to need to buy? Needed Size 8 16", but I only had 9 in 16". Already took it of the needles to try it on his head... perfect fit!

    Thanks for the tip!

  2. OK, stupid question from someone who doesn't knit, but why don't they sell the yarn already balled?

    Appropriately enough, my word verification is "dingworb" HA!