Friday, November 07, 2008

Basket Case

Whatever...I was up way too early today and it's been nothing but crap all day. I had a very clever title for this last night, but it's slipped my mind. Along with just about everything else today. Sigh.


Welcome to the New Improved Chaos Organizing Project of Fall 2008!

You know, this blog actually started out as an "organizing" blog but it's been covering so many other things - I am a master procrastinator. heh heh

I've tried just about everything else and nothing has stuck - it's worked for a bit, but I've never stuck with it - so why not try this....

Introducing the 15-minute Job Basket!

I took some old address book refill pages from a book I'm not using any longer (hey look! I'm recycling!!!), cut them up...

Broke down everything I want to do around my apartment into 15 minute "jobs", wrote them on the little bits of paper....this does not include chores. Chores are done on a daily basis or as needed. This Job Basket is just for my organizing or clearing out of things.

Folded them up and tossed them in a basket!

Rules of the "Job Basket":

  1. One job paper must be drawn every day.
  2. Set a timer for 15 minutes.
  3. Do the job.
  4. If you get hungry and it's not time to eat, pick a job paper.
  5. If you get bored, pick a job paper.
  6. If the job is completed in less than 15 minutes, pat myself on the back and put my feet up for the remaining time.
  7. If the job is not completed in the 15 minutes allowed, work on it again for the next 15 minute "Job Basket" time, and so on until it is. This should not happen that often though, unless I really sucked at estimating how long it's going to take me to do something.
  8. Repeat the above until the "Job Basket" is empty.

Going to have to make periodic runs to the thrift store to donate all the stuff I decide I don't need, going to separate my recyclables and dispose of chemicals, batteries, and electronics, and everything else properly. OOOH...and shred documents with personal info on them.

Very IMPORTANT Rules in case I wanna try and get around the REAL rules:

  1. The job written on the paper must be performed - no switching, no whining, no slacking off!
  2. Don't beat myself up if I miss a day or don't finish a job.
  3. If I miss a day, I'll just start over the next day.
  4. If I totally drop the ball on a job, toss the paper back into the basket - it may not get done today, but it will eventually.
  5. It's OK to do more than one job a day. In fact, it's totally awesome to do more than one.
  6. I didn't chaos the hell out of my life in a week or two, so I can't expect to get this done in just a few days or so. Have to be realistic and give myself some time. This is very hard work, especially since I'm pretty attached to my stuff.
  7. Figure out an awesome reward to give myself when it's all done. Or, maybe when I've done 10 jobs or whatever. Need to decide. I do need some new furniture...

Stay tuned to see how this all plays out. I'll try and post a weekly update on what "Basket Jobs" I've accomplished and how things are looking around here and how I'm feeling about it all. And if I'm REALLY BRAVE, I'll post before/after photos - don't hold your breath though, cos I am pretty much a chickenshit.

Oh, and when the Job Basket is finally empty...I get to fill it up again with organizing my stuff. This first round of Job Basket thingies are only getting me to the point to where I can settle in and organize everything I have left. Yeah, I know.

This is a huge undertaking for me.

This could be the most totally awesomest thing in the world...

...or just some dillusional waking whacked out dream I'm having.

At the very least, it'll keep you guys entertained...and distracted from all the gift projects I'm working on right now. I can only keep pointing out my cute little map with dots on it for so long.

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  1. What a great idea!
    I'm usually overwhelmed by even the smallest of tasks that they keep getting put off until they feel impossible to do. And when I finally buckle down to do it, it hardly takes any time or effort. Ok, maybe not all of those tasks.

    Example, organize/purge closet. My friend told me to set a timer for 15 minutes (like you) and work on it for 15 minutes. Over a few 15 minute sessions it'll be done and won't have felt so daunting. (btw - I still haven't tried it)