Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hardly working after all, it seems...

...had a revelation today during my bike ride.

See, TV is educational...I learned something important from Biggest Loser last night.

While out and about this morning I was cruising along wondering how well I was working my body.

Then I actually concentrated on what I was doing.

Hardly making any effort and I was moving right along. I mean, I was still peddling and stuff, but it really wasn't hard at all. It was mostly forward momentum down a bit of a slope. No effort required.

Then something Jillian said last night popped into my head.

Something along the lines of how much do you want to reach your goal? You can't get to it if you don't work for it. The more you want it, the harder you will work. Etc Etc Etc

Bottom line, get your ass in gear, cos that's the only way you will get in shape and lose weight, yada yada yada

So next thing you know...the gear thingy when up a few notches and I kicked it.

And I felt so good after my ride. So tomorrow, I ride harder and go more and more each day.

Today, I was about at the end of my ride when I got this revelation, so I didn't work as hard as I should have. Not that I went all out either.

"Working harder" and "going all out" for me is most likey a leisurely ride for everyone else. I do have to be careful as I don't want to hurt myself - cos how can I work hard if I can't get up on the bike? Add to that a bad knee, and well, I do what I can. Get my heart rate up and get myself almost out of breath...then go a bit harder through it. Then take it down.

It's a start. Oh, and I'm coming for ya grandpa!!!


  1. I've been using a heart rate monitor to keep me in a certain zone, but mostly I make sure I can still talk but just barely. Although I know when I ride a bike that I like to meander somewhat and just enjoy the ride. I really need to get my bike a tune up. After hurting my foot a few weeks ago I haven't been able to jog at all. sigh.

    I do enjoy the good feeling after a little workout.

  2. I think you're right to not push yourself too hard. I've heard that that's a problem with Americans. We think, Oh, I have to get in shape, and we push it too hard, and injure ourselves, and end up in worse shape than before. So take it a bit at a time, and you'll increase energy spent without hurting yourself. :)

    Your revelation reminds me of a saying...when you cheat, you're only cheating yourself. Not that taking a leisurely bike ride is cheating, but it is cheating yourself if your goal is to get your heart rate going.

    Good job, Donna! You and that bike are getting to be best buds! Makes me want to go buy a new one. Mine isn't that comfy.