Monday, November 17, 2008

Head down, working...working...and yeah...

Work for work's sake and to pay the bills, continues to be, well, work.

Job Basket fun and frolic has slowed down a bit. I've been picking out jobs that are taking more than one or two sessions to complete, and between Work Work, the kid, crafting, and life, well, those sessions are down to one or two a day.

Crafting continues at a frenzied pace and panic has set in as deadlines loom...

Bank issues with new cards being sent out and old ones being cancelled adds to the chaos.

Now having to change all my stuff, well, that just pisses me off.

Good stuff:

Spencer got a great grade report! We have our first family/teacher conference some time this week if only we can all agree on a time. (Not my fault, I blame the Ex. See AmpuT? You're not alone.)

Honey is coming to visit for the Xmas/New Year/His B-day Holidays. You can't tell, but I'm very excited. He'll be here 3 weeks. PANIC!

I can now officially enjoy my new glasses. Both pairs. I have this awesome tricked out pair for computer/reading work that I wear at (where else) the computer while I'm working. Most. Awesome. Things. Ever. Now I can officially say, I have my distance glasses as well. Got them, couldn't see shit, had to get tested again, got them updated and picked them up today. They work and I can see!!! Just taken me over a month to say, "I can see again". Sigh.


The official countdown has started: Honey says it's 29 days. I'll take his word for it as I'm too freaked out and panicked to count.

Speaking of panic...The Job Basket still looks full! Need to get moving a bit faster and get going on completing more jobs!!!


  1. Ohh! So much going on!
    I hear ya on the crafty deadlines. I'm revising mine now because there is NO WAY I can make it! I'm so wishing I had prioritized better because a good few weeks were spent on #1 which should have been like #12. Oh well, at least it's done.

    BTW - when a pattern says, Purl Purl stitches and Knit Knit stitches, does it means what the stitch looks like from the back or how I stitched it at the time? Does that make sense? Ahh, in over my head!

    YAY on the your Honey visit! Don't worry too much on your progress for the Honey visit. Something tells me that his main reason for flying out isn't to check on the state of the organization ;-)

    and YAY Spence!

  2. 28 days sweetheart - 4 weeks today! And Cherry's right: I'm not the slightest bit bothered which jobs have or haven't been done... ;-)